Motion Graphics and Animation

Various Examples using Adobe After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4D
Eli Lilly - "Lilly USA" - Animation within panelized LED screens of dimensional letters
This installation presents the letters “USA” as a 3-dimensional, 5 foot tall enclosure. The animation plays seamlessly across the letters using a grid of LED modules which are masked by a 2 inch metal case. The animated artwork originates with the designs which are installed throughout the client's building. In keeping with the theme of the expressive, painterly look, the use of paint spills, ink flows and brush strokes “paint” the images and transition between them. Typography was carefully animated across the “USA” letters horizontally, allowing the viewer to piece together the type that is masked out by the gaps between the letters.

Eli Lilly - See “US” in Lilly USA: Case Study

Eli Lilly - Connected Competencies: Touchscreen Intros
While the visual theme is carried across 7 touchscreen monitors, each presentation animates visuals from the installed wall panels and employs the color palette associated with each section. The animation plays on a loop while the touchscreens are not in use, draws attention to the monitors, and prompts the viewer to interact with the content.

Eli Lilly - "Life At Lilly"

TD Ameritrade - Context and Culture: Media Wall: Motion Graphics
A media wall comprised of 15 iPads as monitors installed behind a metal bezel. Three different, interchangeable videos were created including a History Timeline, a focus on People, and an abstract presentation of Core Values.

Eli Lilly - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Mural in Motion
This animation sequence visually expresses the concept of “Yesterday”, “Today”, and “Tomorrow”. Archival, framed client photos fade in and out with subtle movement to convey past history. The present is represented by people photos used in the installed artwork that mix together utilizing a custom effect which appears to be floating molecules. For the future, a stylized DNA strand rotates in and becomes a complex molecule expressing the transition from research to development that leads to new products.

Eli Lilly - DNA Depicted: Mural in Motion
Wall display across from an in-house coffee bar in a high traffic corridor.

IBM RTP Mural: Re-envisioned with Motion Graphics
The original installation was a digital print, mounted on substrate and installed in panels. This re-envisioned mural could be installed as a series of thin-bezel monitors. The use of Motion Graphics creates a more dynamic presentation while using all the original artwork.

Project Details


More Examples:Vimeo Link

My Role:Concept, design, production and video editing of all motion graphics.

Software:Adobe After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4D

Affiliation:Employed at HOK